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  • Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand


    We've produced a 1 minute video that shows you what we do and explains our role.  Learn more about how MSL can help you with your measurement related R&D.


    Watch our video here and contact us at

  • MSL is the New Zealand home for the international system of units, the 'SI'.

    The basic structure of SI was developed over a period of about 170 years (1791 to 1960). Since 1960 technological advances have made it possible to address various weaknesses in SI, such as the dependence on an artefact to define the kilogram.  In May 2019 four of these units: the Kilogram, the Ampere, the Kelvin and the Mole are planned to be redefined in terms of fixed fundamental constants. For more information about the units, the redefinition and how it may effect you, click read more below or contact us.

  • Measurement is a key input in the monitoring and control of food processing, whether it involves temperature, humidity, pressure, volume or appearance.  We have world experts in the measurement of temperature that can help you understand and optimise cold chain storage, and as well as fermentation of other temperature-critical processes in food production.  Our non-contact methods for temperature measurement provide assurance that your processes are under control and operating within safe limits.  MSL can help you understand how to meet your regulatory requirements at the beginning of an R&D project so that your product development is compliant.

  • Science and Technology around measurement is rapidly changing. MSL is at the forefront of these changes ensuring New Zealand industry is kept up to date with the latest research. MSL Director, Fleur Francois highlights in this short video why keeping on top of changes in the measurement technology can help New Zealand businesses improve processes and create a market advantage. 

    Contact MSL to learn more about how we can assist with your Measurement R&D challenges.  

  • The Measurement Standards Laboratory has prepared a translation of the BIPM’s Concise Summary of the SI in te reo Māori. Part of our role as a national metrology institute is to disseminate the International System of Units (SI) in New Zealand, so we are making this resource available to support the teaching and learning of science in te reo Māori.

  • Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand

    Our team of testing and measurement experts can help you to understand your products and processes with world-class calibration and verification, measurement and consultancy services.  Our services also include technical advice on difficult measurements, and R&D on measurements and measuring instruments.

  • Chris Young verifying a weigh station

    MSL offers calibration services


    As New Zealand’s National Metrology Institute, one of our main functions is to provide calibrations traceable to New Zealand’s National Standards and to the SI. All of our routine calibration certificates are recognised internationally as demonstrating traceability to the SI.

  • Resistance Bridge Calibrator

    New Zealand's measurement structure


    The measurement infrastructure in New Zealand presently consists of a number of autonomous organisations with specific and separate responsibilities which cooperate to ensure a coherent measurement system is possible.


    MSL has the primary responsibility for the provision of physical measurement standards.

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