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The Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand (MSL) is New Zealand's national metrology institute.

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We provide our clients with the most accurate calibration service in the country for a wide range of instruments, and give advice and training to ensure that the equipment can be used effectively by our clients.

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Timing is everything

Responsibility for maintaining NZ's standard time rests with MSL

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The Apprentice Blog

MSL's first Measurement Technician Apprentice

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Proficiency Testing

The Measurement Standards Laboratory runs a Proficiency Testing Programme.

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Taking the measure of craft beer

MSL have worked with Trading Standards to develop low-cost methods for measuring beer

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New Zealand Measurement System

MSL is part of New Zealand's standards and conformance infrastructure.

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Revising the SI

Learn about the changes to the SI and how we celebrated this historic event

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Come Fly with me

MSL support keeps New Zealand's aviation sector in the air.

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MSL Resources

Find our Technical Guides, You Tube videos, Books and Software