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We’ve helped solve measurement problems for clients in the food and beverage, consumer goods, energy, medicine, agriculture and seafood industries.

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What we offer

Advice on developing quality assurance processes and meeting accreditation requirements related to measurement.

Optimised process and product development through sensitivity analysis and accurate monitoring.

Product testing/validation: confirm that your products meets measurement specifications.

Problem solving for measurement issues.

High-quality measurements that support product performance and regulatory compliance.

Proficiency testing.

Hire an independent expert.

Benefits to you

MSL is New Zealand’s official measurement standards body that underpins regulatory compliance and international trade.

Direct access to internationally trusted and recognised measurement experts.

MSL can help you understand how to meet regulatory requirements at the beginning of an R&D project so that your product development is compliant for export.

Future-proof your processes and product development.

Access to internationally-trusted measurement solutions in temperature, humidity, mass, pressure, light, length, electricity, time and frequency.

How to Access

We understand that every R&D problem is different, so that is why we encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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How we work:

Inquiry initial consultation (first hour free) proposal consulting work delivery.


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