6.5 Digit Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter

A proficiency test for 6.5 digit digital multimeters (DMMs) based on an HP 34401A as the travelling standard is proposed. This is a commonly used DMM in NZ and most of the top-end calibration labs can carry out such a calibration.

It is expected that the calibration should cover all ranges of the following functions:

  • dc voltage and current,
  • ac voltage and current,
  • resistance.

This profiency test will be modeled on a similar exercise used in Europe. Version 2 of the EURAMET Guide is a useful reference document:

https://www.euramet.org/Media/docs/Publications/calguides/EURAMET_cg-15__v_2.0_Guidelines_Calibration_Digital_Multimeters.pdf(external link)

It is yet to be decided if calibration points will be specified or whether calibration labs can simply provide their usual calibration report for this instrument. This will be resolved in the protocol document which is in development.

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