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The photometry and radiometry team at MSL offer a range of calibration and testing services covering the measurement of sources, detectors and materials. We can make broadband or spectral measurements in the UV, visible and NIR spectral ranges. Details can be found in the tables below.

Please contact us to book your items in for calibration.

Our Accredited Calibration Services:



NZ Price (excl GST)

Photometers / Illuminance / Lux / Light Meters


NB: Standard service uses tungsten lamp. Other sources (e.g. LEDs or fluorescent lamps) are available on request.

0.005 lux to 10 lux

Please enquire

10 lux to 3000 lux

$845 above 50 lux

$125 per check with additional light source

Otherwise please enquire

3000 lux to 30000 lux

Please enquire

Luminance Meters

0.5 cd/m2 to 800 cd/m2


800 cd/m2 to 27000 cd/m2

Please enquire


27000 cd/m2 to 33000 cd/m2

UV Meters


NB: Irradiance levels of 1μW/cm2 to 5000μW/cm2


NB: For special conditions please enquire

240 nm to 270 nm


270 nm to 310 nm

Please enquire

310 nm to 380 nm


Radiant Exposure

254 nm


Laser Power Meters

Laser lines from 450 nm to 800 nm

Please enquire

Detector Spectral Responsivity Measurement

240 nm to 250 nm

Please enquire


250 nm to 280 nm

280 nm to < 420 nm

420 nm to 680 nm

680 nm to 800 nm

800 nm to 950 nm

Laser Lines from 450 nm to 800 nm

Luminous Intensity of Lamps

10 cd to 5000 cd

Please enquire

Spectral Irradiance of General Sources

250 nm to 350 nm, 0.001 W/(m2.nm) to 0.5 W/(m2.nm)

Please enquire

350 nm to 850 nm, 0.001 W/(m2.nm) to 0.5 W/(m2.nm)

Colour of General Sources

Colour emitted in CIE x, y colour space

Please enquire


Colour emitted in CIE u, v colour space

Correlated Colour Temperature of Lamps

Correlated colour temperature 2700 K to 3000 K

Please enquire

Regular transmittance and absorbance (bandwidth 1 nm to 3 nm)


NB. Unaccredited measurements available up to 2500 nm

240 nm to 380 nm

$988 for first filter at up to 6 wavelengths

$124 for each subsequent filter

Transmittance of 0.0001 to 0.01

Absorbance (OD) of 2 to 4

Transmittance of 0.01 to 1.0

Absorbance (OD) of 0 to 2

380 nm to 1000 nm

Transmittance of 0.0001 to 1.0

Absorbance (OD) of 0 to 4

Wavelength calibration filters (e.g. Holmium or Didymium)

240 nm to 800 nm

$823 for first filter at up to 3 wavelengths

$82 for each additional wavelength

800 nm to 1100 nm

Diffuse transmittance


NB. Unaccredited measurements available up to 2500 nm

240 nm to 400 nm

$1111 for first sample

$247 for each additional sample (full range up to 2500 nm)

400 nm to 1000 nm

Diffuse reflectance in 0/d and 6/d geometries


NB. Unaccredited measurements available from 240 nm to 2500 nm

360 nm to 1000 nm, 0.016 to 0.9

$1111 for first sample

$247 for each additional sample (full range up to 2500 nm)

360 nm to 1000 nm, 0.9 to 1.0

Specular reflectance at normal incidence

NB. Unaccredited measurements available up to 2500 nm

240 nm to 800 nm, 0.05 to 1

Please enquire

Luminous transmittance of materials

Spectrally flat materials

Please enquire

General materials

Luminous reflectance of materials

General materials

Please enquire

Colour transmitted by materials, x, y, Y or L*a*b*

NB. Please enquire for all other colour spaces such as u’v’, RGB etc

In x and y

Please enquire

Luminous transmittance Y for (0.1<Y<1)

Colour of surfaces, x, y, Y or L*a*b*

NB. Please enquire for all other colour spaces such as u’v’, RGB etc

In x and y

Please enquire

Luminance factor Y for (0.1 < Y < 1)

Retroreflectors: CIL Value

Coefficient of luminous intensity

Please enquire

Traffic Signal Lanterns


Please enquire

Lane Indicators

Custom test incorporating elements from BS1376:1974 Colour and Light Signals and BS505:1971 Road Traffic Signals

Please enquire

Retroreflective materials for signage

AS/NZS 1906.1:2017 Retroreflective materials and devices for road traffic control purposes. Part 1: Retroreflective materials

Please enquire

Laser Classification

Laser classification according to AS/NZS 2211.1:2004 or equivalent   standard or specification (e.g. AS/NZS IEC 60825.1.2011)

Please enquire

UV protection factor for protective clothing (UPF)

Parts of AS/NZS 4399:2017 Sun protective clothing – Evaluation and   classification

$1111 for first 4 samples

$123.50 for each subsequent sample


AS 4174: 2018 Knitted and woven shade fabrics

Please enquire

Note: All calibrations of items sent from overseas will be priced on application. For measurements of the above quantities at wavelengths or geometries not listed, please enquire.


Other Products and Services:


NZ Price (excl GST)

Bidirectional Reflectance (or Transmittance) Distribution Function (BRDF, BTDF, BSDF), 300 nm to 900 nm

Please enquire

Photobiological Safety of Sources

Please enquire

Neutral Density Filter Set Fabrication for Spectrophotometer Calibration

Absorbing filters, please enquire

Reflectorized filters, please enquire

Holmium Wavelength Filter Fabrication for Spectrophotometer Calibration

Please enquire

Cut-Off Filter Fabrication for Spectrophotometer Stray light Characterisation

Please enquire

UV aging of materials

Please enquire


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Shipping Address:

Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand

Callaghan Innovation

69 Gracefield Rd

PO Box 31-310

Lower Hutt 5040

New Zealand

Please be in touch for advice on packing and shipping your equipment to us.


Terms and Conditions:

Prices and typical turn-around times only apply to equipment suitable for calibration using our standard methods and booked in advance.

For bulk testing, variations on pricing and turn-around times may apply. Please contact us in this instance.

All other terms and conditions as per our standard work order agreement which is available upon request.


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