Our People

Sciencelens DSF2280

Ben Sherson

Research Technician

Temperature and Humidity


ME, Electrical Engineering, 2019


Ben joined MSL in November 2019 as a measurement technician for the temperature and humidity team. He holds a Master of Engineering in Electronics from Victoria University of Wellington, which focused on the design of a test system for the analysis of the thermal properties of porous metallic surfaces.

In his spare time, Ben enjoys skiing, hiking, and playing a variety of games.


G Gouws, B Sherson, A Sinnathambi, R Babu, C Moore, "Influence of Structure and Wettability of Porous Silver Surfaces on Enhancing Phase Change Heat Transfer", in 17th IEEE Intersociety Conference on Thermal and Thermomechanical Phenomena in Electronic Systems (ITherm), San Diego, CA, 2018.