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Sciencelens DSF1661

Ellie Molloy

Research Scientist



PhD, Physics, 2023


Ellie joined MSL as a summer student in 2018 working on comparing different methods for analysing comparisons using simulated data.

In 2019 she started her PhD with MSL working on the goniospectrophotometer. Her work involved developing detailed measurement models for bidirectional scattering distribution function measurements using the goniospectrophotometer and comparing measurements made with colleagues at other national metrology institutes to work towards achieving traceability. Having completed her PhD in 2023, Ellie is now working as a Research Scientist in the Photometry and Radiometry team, predominantly focusing on spectrophotometry and goniospectrophotometry.

Areas of expertise

  • Comparison analysis
  • Goniospectrophotometry
  • Uncertainty analysis


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