Our People

Sciencelens DSF1707

Neil Swift

Quality Manager / Senior Research Scientist


Areas of expertise

• Photometry
• Radiometry
• Spectroradiometry
• Solar UV
• Measurement automation


• MPhys (Honours) in Physics, 2003


Neil has been working within the Photometry and Radiometry section at the Measurement Standards Laboratory since 2006. Most of that time he has spent in photometry, including designing and building photometers, managing a national UV monitoring network and carrying out calibrations. More recently he has been developing his skills in spectrophotometry, upgrading and commissioning a new monochromator and becoming familiar with our goniospectrophotometry facility.
Highlights for Neil include a variety of work: developing new calibration methods to maintain the photometric scale, for the measurement of flatness and for unusual commercial work; participating in international comparisons; developing data handling processes for the UV network.
Neil was involved in the update of the documentary standards AS/NZS 4399:2017 – Sun protective clothing – Evaluation and classification and AS 4174 – 2018 Synthetic Shadecloth.

Professional activities

Secretary, CIE New Zealand


• Swift, N.S.; Hulsen, G; Nield, K. M.; Grobner, J.; Hamlin, J. D. 2012. Calibration of erythemally weighted broadband instruments: A comparison between PMOD/WRC and MSL. AIP Conference Proceedings 1531 (International Radiation Symposium), 817 (2013)