Our People

Sciencelens DSF1631

Joseph Borbely

Senior Research Scientist


Areas of expertise

• Spectroscopy
• Single photons
• Software development


• PhD, Atomic Physics, 2009


Prior to joining MSL in 2016, Joe spent the previous 15 years performing precision measurements with atomic beams, plasmas and quantum-degenerate gases, and building microscopes that were used for super-resolution microscopy.
He received his PhD in Physics in 2009 from York University, Toronto, where he performed high-precision spectroscopy with helium atoms as a stringent test of quantum electrodynamic theory and to determine the value of the fine-structure constant. After his PhD he became a Postdoctoral Fellow at CERN to produce and trap antihydrogen atoms to probe matter-antimatter symmetries.
In 2010 he became a Postdoctoral Fellow in Amsterdam to perform high-precision spectroscopy with ultracold helium-4 and helium-3 atoms. Comparison between theory and the spectroscopic measurement allowed for determining the nuclear size of helium to within 4 attometres. Additionally, he conducted experiments that controlled the interaction strength between helium atoms confined in an optical trap by exposing the atoms to magnetic fields (known as a Feshbach resonance).
He joined a single molecule localization microscopy (STORM/PALM) research group as a Research Engineer in Barcelona in 2013, where he designed and built optical systems that allowed for multi-colour, live-cell imaging of biological samples, and he developed the control and analysis software.


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