Our People

Sciencelens DSF2230

Hamish Edgar

Research Scientist

Temperature and Humidity

Areas of expertise

  • Contact and radiation thermometry
  • Thermometer calibration
  • Mechanical and electrical design, servicing and construction
  • Calibration bath design and construction
  • Furnace design and construction


  • B. Engineering, Mechanical (Hons) 1997


Hamish has been active in thermometry for 20 years, taking on a variety of tasks based around his role of carrying out practical work in the Temperature Standards laboratory. His key responsibilities are maintenance of existing equipment, development of new equipment, and carrying out commercial work, such as measurements and thermometer calibrations.
Scientific highlights for Hamish include development of portable instruments for measuring long-wavelength infrared reflection and absorbing properties of surfaces, a thermometer probe rack system that automatically compensates for changes in working fluid height due to thermal expansion, work on a 4-axis gonioreflectometer instrument, and carrying out the practical design of a compact, automatic device used to calibrate resistance bridges.
Hamish is a first port of call for general enquiries concerning thermometer purchase, use, and calibration in New Zealand.


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