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Sciencelens DSF2092

Keith Jones

Distinguished Scientist


Areas of expertise

• Electrical measurements in general
• Electricity Authority requirements for the accuracy of metering installations
• Capacitor, inductor and resistor measurements at different frequencies
• Current transformers for energy metering and precision transformers for impedance
• International quality and metrology infrastructure


• MSc, Physics, 1979


Keith’s early scientific work was with developing primary standards of impedance, starting with a mechanical-based capacitance standard. The discovery of the quantum Hall effect in 1980 (by Klaus von Klitzing) led to a period of intense international research, and Keith contributed to the international effort that ultimately led to the adoption of the quantum Hall effect as the new standard of resistance.
He has significant experience with developing national quality infrastructures from his time spent as Director of MSL and as Chairperson of the Asia-Pacific Metrology Programme. He has provided strategic advice in Malaysia, Chile, the Philippines and Myanmar.
Keith has worked closely with the New Zealand electricity supply since 1993 to support the development of metrology codes of practice for metering installations. A significant continuing part of his work has been the provision of training courses and software to assist Approved Test Houses with the certification of metering installations.
Keith has been technical expert or peer reviewer for many IANZ accredited laboratories in New Zealand and as a technical peer reviewer for national metrology institutes in the Asia-Pacific region.

Professional activities

  • Member of the Metrology Society of Australasia
  • Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


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