Our People

Sciencelens DSF1469

Darrin Jack

Research Technician

Mass and Pressure

Areas of expertise

• Pressure measurements and calibrations covering high-accuracy gas and oil deadweight testers
• Pressure balances
• Barometers
• Manometers and transducers
• Instructor of pressure calibrations


• NZCE Electronics & Computer Technology


Darrin has been in metrology for over 30 years and has become a specialist in the measurement of pressure. He has a strong working knowledge of a wide variety of methods of determining pressure, including calibration of high-accuracy barometers, gas and oil deadweight testers, as well as manometers and transducers. He has developed and presented training workshops on pressure calibrations.
Darrin helped design and build the DHi twin pressure balance system that is used as the primary pressure standard for New Zealand. This is used to realise, maintain and disseminate the Pascal.


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