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The Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand (MSL) is New Zealand's national metrology institute, ensuring that New Zealand's units of measurement are consistent with the International System of Units, the SI.

We employ 40 scientists, technicians and engineers based at Callaghan Innovation in Gracefield, Lower Hutt.

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What we do

What we do

As New Zealand’s national metrology institute (NMI), our goal is to support New Zealand’s economy, wellbeing, and innovation by providing measurement standards and expertise that are globally relevant and trusted.

Measurement underpins scientific and technological innovation, enhances competitiveness in business, and strengthens regulation of health, safety, and the environment.

Consumer confidence and trust is supported by the measurement traceability provided by MSL, enabling the regulation of legislation to protect consumers, and reducing exposure to lower quality goods and services.

Services we provide

Consultancy: we can help you solve your measurement R&D problems.

Calibration: we provide the most accurate calibration service in the country for a wide range of instruments and artefacts.

Training: we offer measurement training courses in Auckland and Wellington, or arrange an on-site tailored course to suit your business needs.

Our Vision

New Zealand’s measurement infrastructure is nationally and internationally relevant, recognised, and respected.

MSL ensures measurement, testing, and decision making (based on that measurement infrastructure) meet the needs of government, industry, trading partners, Māori, and the New Zealand public.

New Zealand’s measurement system is founded on science-led systems and standards.

Find out more from our Strategic Plan 2022-2027.

Brief history

MSL was formed in 1992 as part of Industrial Research Limited, a government-owned research company, which is now part of Callaghan Innovation.

The scientific capability of MSL dates back further to the formation of the Physical Testing Laboratory in 1939 with a first legislated authority for primary standards in 1945.

Strategic plan

Our Five Year Strategic Plan explains MSL’s role in the New Zealand economy and how we intend to achieve our vision for a high-quality measurement system that meets the needs of government, industry, trading partners, Māori, and the New Zealand public.

Read our Strategic Plan