Remote Sensing in NZ – Workshop

Event | 4 March 2022

Let’s start a conversation in our remote sensing community to share our experience, learn from each other and identify how we can work together, particularly in the calibration and validation of our instruments and data sets.

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MSL invites you to a virtual workshop on 4 March 2022 from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm (NZT).

Speakers include Andy Hueni(external link) and Aga Bialek(external link) Zooming in from Europe, as well as several of our colleagues from various institutions around NZ. 

Registration is free!


Preliminary Programme:

Session 1

  • Metrological approach to remote sensingAga Bialek – National Physical Laboratory
  • Using hyperspectral imaging in the primary sector; Ian Yule – PlantTech Research Institute
  • Use of hyperspectral tech for measuring meat quality; Cameron Craigie AgResearch
  • Advances in soil spectroscopy at Manaaki Whenua; Pierre Roudier – Manaaki Whenua
  • Combining airborne LiDAR and hyperspectral imaging to assess plant stress in kiwifruit orchards; Alvaro Orsi PlantTech Research Institute
  • Remote sensing research at Manaaki Whenua; Jan Schindler & Ben Jolly – Manaaki Whenua

Session 2

  • Uncertainty budgets and their role in CAL/VAL of airborne spectroscopy data using in situ spectroscopy;  Andy Hueni University of Zurich
  • Whakaari eruption Dec 2019: thermal analysis using short wavelength infrared data from satellites; Salman Ashraf Geological and Nuclear Sciences
  • Airborne hyperspectral research at Massey; Gabor Kereszturi Massey University
  • End-to-end analysis for airborne imaging spectroscopy; Pullanagari Rajasheker Reddy Massey University & PlantTech Research Institute
  • Interferometric synthetic aperture radar for measuring New Zealand’s shifting surface; Ian Hamling – Geological and Nuclear Sciences
  • Ocean colour remote sensing and aquatic bio-optics: calibration, validation, applications and opportunities; Matt Pinkerton – National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research


For more information and to register, please email  Chief Metrologist, Measurement Standards Laboratory.