Our People

Sciencelens DSF2526

Chris Young

Senior Research Engineer


Areas of expertise

• Length measurement standards / dimensional metrology
• Gauge block interferometry
• Laser interferometry
• Calibration of dimensional artefacts – gauge blocks, ring gauges, rulers etc.
• Electronic engineering
• Software/firmware engineering


BSCTech (Hons majoring in electronic engineering)


Chris joined the Length Standards area at MSL in 2006, working as a calibration technician. During his time at MSL Chris has continued to develop his engineering skills, focusing mainly on the development of metrological standards within MSL.

Chris was brought up in Wellington, attending school at Onslow College, before continuing his studies at Victoria University of Wellington. Chris studied physics and engineering with his research project based on a novel technique of lock-in amplification.

In his spare time Chris enjoys skiing, surfing and mountain biking. Chris also pursues personal engineering projects at home, with interests in renewable energy and battery technology.