Our People

Sciencelens DSF1431

Greg Reid

Research Technician

Mass and Pressure

Areas of expertise

• Calibration of standard masses
• Calibration of volume measures
• Calibration of density artefacts, including hydrometers
• Instructor of balance calibrations


  • BSc (Hons), Biochemistry
  • Diploma of Teaching


Greg has worked as a mass and density metrologist at the Measurement Standards laboratory since 2005. His work includes calibration of hydrometers, density standards, volumetric glassware, and weights and balances from the high-accuracy state-of-the-art level (about 1 in 100 million) to those used in trade and industry, which require an accuracy of 0.1 %. His current research interests include the automation of mass comparisons.

Professional activities

  • Member of the Royal Society of New Zealand
  • Member of the Royal Society of New Zealand Wellington Branch


• Robinson, J.E.; Sutton, C.M.; Reid, G.F. 2014. Dilute Triton X-100 in water as a reference liquid for hydrometer calibration using Cuckow's method. Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation. Vol.57, p.132-137.
• G.F. Reid, C. M. Sutton. 2007. Calibration requirements of an Electronic Densitometer. Industrial Research Limited report No. 1975