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MSL Uncertainty Calculator

The MSL Uncertainty Calculator is an Excel spreadsheet that provides an uncertainty table suitable for summarising an uncertainty calculation. It automatically highlights the components that contribute significantly to the total uncertainty. Each component is entered in the table using one of three convenient ways of expressing degrees of freedom. The total uncertainty is calculated together with the effective degrees of freedom and coverage factor. This tool is recommended when the equation for propagating uncertainty can easily be reduced to a sum of uncertainty terms in a common unit (e.g all in volt or all in milliohm). If offers the convenience of being able to take input data from other parts of the spreadsheet including linking the input for one uncertainty component to the output of another uncertainty table. The calculation in the table can be repeated for multiple calibration points by using Excel’s Data Table feature under the What-If Analysis option in the Data Tools group. The spreadsheet should first be downloaded and saved locally before opening and clicking on ‘Enable Content’ to allow the macros to operate (it relies on Visual BASIC functions). The template on the ‘Calculator’ sheet is protected so that only the cells for data entry can be modified. This protection is for convenience only and the sheet can be unprotected by right-clicking the sheet tab and choosing ‘Unprotect sheet …’ with no need for a password. zip 32 KB