Our People

Sciencelens DSF1527

Mark Clarkson

Principal Research Scientist

Mass and Pressure

Areas of expertise

• Metrology in mass and related quantities


• PhD (Physics), Victoria University of Wellington


Mark Clarkson has worked as a metrologist since 1990 in the areas of mass, force, density, pressure and optical measurement. During this time, he has also been a technical assessor for IANZ assessments of Metrology and Calibration laboratories. He has developed and presented training workshops in mass, density and pressure measurement and uncertainty calculation for testing laboratories. Mark’s research interests include development of a non-artefact mass standard utilising a pressure balance, and he is also a guest lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington.

Professional activities

• Technical Expert for International Accreditation New Zealand in the field of Metrology and Calibration
• Member of the Metrology Society of Australasia


• C M Sutton, M T Clarkson and W M Kissling, The feasibility of a watt balance based on twin pressure balances, poster presentation, Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements, Ottawa, Canada,10-15 July 2016
• M T Clarkson and C M Sutton, An apparatus for accurate measurement of the temperature dependence of permanent magnetization, Measurement Science and Technology, Vol. 25(8), article number 085902 (6pp), August 2014
• C M Sutton and M T Clarkson, A magnet system for the MSL watt balance, Metrologia Vol. 51 pages S101–S106, March 2014
• Fazrul Mohd Nor, Abd Khamim Ismail, Mark Clarkson, Hafidzah Othman, An improved ring method for calibration of hydrometers, Measurement, Vol. 48, pages 1-5, February 2014