Our People


Eleanor Howick

Principal Research Scientist


Areas of expertise

• Length and dimensional metrology
• Co-ordinate Measuring Machine error mapping
• Uncertainty in dimensional measurement
• Measurement automation


Master of Science (Physics) with first class honours, 1991, University of Canterbury


Eleanor has been working as a research scientist at the Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand since 1991. Her research interests include iodine-stabilised lasers, laser interferometers for measuring gauge blocks and line scales and coordinate measuring machines. She also works with KiwiStar Optics developing methods for the metrology and alignment of large optics.

Eleanor has strong links within both the national and international metrology communities through her involvement in the Metrology Society of Australasia, IANZ (technical expert for 15 years) and APMP (Asia Pacific Metrology Programme).

Between 2016 and 2021 Eleanor was the Chief Metrologist for MSL.

Professional activities

• Member of the APMP Technical Committee on Length (TCL)
• Awarded Foreign Researcher Invitation Program Scholarship to attend a two-week workshop at AIST in Japan (1999)
• Member of the Program Committee for SPIE conferences "Recent Developments in Traceable Dimensional Metrology I, II and III." (2001, 2003, 2005)
• Member of the CMM Users Group of the Metrology Society of Australia
• Technical Expert for International Accreditation New Zealand in the field of Metrology and Calibration
• CMC reviewer for the APMP TCL in 13 classes
• Technical Peer assessor in Length for KIM-LIPI Indonesia (2006)
• APMP TCL Reviewer NPLI India (2010)
• Technical Peer assessor in Length for NMIA Australia (2012)
• Chair of the IANZ Measurement and Calibration Professional Advisory Committee (2016-)
• Member of the IANZ Accreditation Advisory Committee (2016-)



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