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Length Standards Services

Length Standards provides calibration services for dimensional metrology instruments. All measurements made are traceable to New Zealand’s national standards. We also provide advice and consultation on dimensional measurement problems.

Gauge Blocks

$250 report fee plus
0.5mm, 1mm to 100mm inclusive $25 per gauge
less than 1mm, other than 0.5mm $30 per gauge
125mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm $75 per gauge
250mm, 300mm $110 per gauge
greater than 300mm $260 per gauge
Optical Parallels $50 per parallel
A similar scale of charges applies to the equivalent imperial sizes

These measurements are carried out by comparison. We can also measure gauge blocks by interferometry. Charges available on application.

Line Scales

Calibrate a one or two metre steel rule with two scales  NZ$450
Calibrate additional scales NZ$50 per additional scale
Steel tapes NZ$450 + NZ$100 per 4 m of tape
Bar coded surveying staff NZ$750
Digital level NZ$700


We also have the expertise to carry out a wide range of non-routine dimensional measurements.

Coordinate Measuring Machine

We can carry out three dimensional measurements within a 800 mm by 600 mm by 600 mm volume with a best measurement uncertainty of (1.2 + L/400) µm where L is in millimetres.

Charges are $250/hour and a report fee of $250. Actual uncertainties will be calculated on a case by case basis.

Contact details

For information on these services please contact Eleanor Howick.