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Electrical and RF Standards Services

We currently provide calibration services for a range of industries, particularly aviation and electricity supply.  We provide assistance with meeting the technical requirements of ISO 17025 and are familiar with the codes of practice for metering given in the Electricity Governance Rules.  We offer advisory and training services to meet the measurement requirement of these codes.

Calibration Industry

We presently provide calibration services for the following types of equipment that are used to provide traceability into second-tier calibration laboratories and other industries with demand for high accuracy....more >>

Aviation Industry

We have experience in providing calibration certificates that meet FAA and CAA audit requirements. Examples of calibrated instruments include Fuel Gauge Test Sets as well as reference standards as described above.

Electricity Supply Industry

We provide for calibration of wattmeters capable of 0.2% or better, at currents up to 100 A at 50 Hz, and comparator bridges used for current and voltage transformer calibration. We also calibrate current transformers up to 3000 A at 50 Hz. Contact: Laurie Christian.

You are invited to participate in a proficiency testing programme for the calibration of wattmeters. We act as the pilot laboratory for the IANZ travelling watt-hour standard.

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Consultancy Services

1. Calibration Industry
We are experienced in providing advice to assist you with meeting the technical requirements of ISO 17025.

2. Electricity Supply Industry
We are familiar with the codes of practice for metering given in the Electricity Governance Rules and offer advisory and training services to meet the measurement requirement of these codes. We can provide advice on calculating the overall uncertainty of metering installations and tailor computer programmes to meet your specific needs.

Current Transformer Proficiency Testing Programme

For the last 10 years, MSL has offered a successful and popular energy meter proficiency testing programme to electrical calibration laboratories in New Zealand.  We now have available an adjustable error current transformer which can be circulated to calibration laboratories wishing to take part in a current transformer proficiency testing programme.  The adjustable error current transformer has rated primary currents of up to 1000 A and has both 1 A and 5 A secondaries.   MSL’s calibration report for the CT quotes best measurement uncertainties of 0.005% for ratio error and 0.005 crad for phase error at a 95% level of confidence. 

Contact: Laurie Christian

RF and Microwave

RF Calibration Services

Power, impedance and attenuation are fundamental quantities in RF and microwave technology.  They form the basis of traceable measurements in technological areas important to New Zealand, such as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and free-field measurements.

Our list of ISO 17025 accredited services is available at IANZ, or contact Blair Hall

RF and Microwave Power

Power meters: We can provide power meter and power sensor calibration for power levels up to 10 mW.  The service offers traceable measurement of power sensor calibration factor over the range of frequencies from 10 MHz to 18 GHz.

Least uncertainties are available from an automated service, at 1 mW, for HP8478-type thermistor mount sensors fitted with type-N connectors.  Other types of sensor and connector systems may be calibrated on request.

RF and Microwave Impedance and Attenuation

We can provide traceable impedance and attenuation measurements of components with type-N connectors over a frequency range from 30 kHz to 18 GHz and for components with 3.5 mm connectors from 45 MHz to 26.5 GHz.  We offer measurements of both reflection coefficient (or equivalently return loss or voltage standing wave ratio) and transmission coefficient (or equivalently attenuation). 

Contact Blair Hall

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