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Icepoint Humidity Generator

Practical and reliable humidity sources for checking hygrometers in industrial situations can be difficult to come by and use. Humidity sources such as saturated and unsaturated salt solutions offer one method of checking hygrometers but they are time consuming and a reliable reading can take up to 6 hours. Removing and checking the hygrometry system off site may also be undesirable.

With quality systems becoming more common there is a need to ensure hygrometers are checked regularly. The Ice Point Humidity Generator offers the opportunity to check hygrometers using a readily achievable reference point similar to using the ice point for checking the 0 °C point on thermometers.

The generator supplies humidified air with dew-point at the ice point temperature of 0.0 ° C. This conditioned air can be used directly to check hygrometers that measure dew point. If the hygrometer measures relative humidity (RH) then the temperature in the immediate vicinity of the probe needs to be known accurately.

Knowledge of the dew point and chamber temperature enables calculation of the RH in the test chamber.

The procedure utilises a prepared ice point as the saturator temperature controlling medium. 

For more details, please see MSL's Technical Guides 1: The Ice Point and 4: The Ice Point Humidity Generator.

Icepoint Humidity Generator image

Generator Specifications

Required air flow: 1 to 1.5 litre/min

Dewpoint: 0.0 ° C (Ice point)

Dew point Uncertainty: ± 0.2 ° C

(At 20 ° C the generator uncertainty leads to an uncertainty in relative humidity of ±0.5 %RH)


Humidity generator Saturator Coil. Ready to use. Includes ready wound tubing on stainless steel coil former. 2 tubing connectors (Aquarium air supply pump and test chamber are customer supplied)

NZ $99 + GST

Contact Details

Ross Mason or Jeremy Lovell-Smith